Software BakingProfile

Baking Temperature Analysis Software

BakingProfile™ software is an AddIn product of the software DataLink™. The user enters bread baking temperature information such as temperatures at start baking, yeast kill, starch coagulation, enzyme kill and bread final core temperature.

BakingProfile™ automatically detects the start baking temperature during the report generation. The software calculates the time duration of the baking staying above a specific baking temperature and provide a percentage table to show for example 67% time at yeast kill, 72% time at starch coagulaton, a nd finally 10% of time reaching and staying above final core temperature target. The data is listed in Microsoft Excel format.

It is easy for the food scientists to perform more detailed analysis with the test data. The data chart including zone boundaries and bread baking temperature thresholds is automatically generated and can be printed or saved as a JPEG image for further analysis and documentation.

  • Require one channel to be dedicated to collect oven air temperature
  • Wizard-based oven zone set-up
  • Automatic detection of critical baking temperatures
  • Provide baking time percentage at each critical baking temperature threshold
  • Automatic bread parameter configuration archive for future usage

Additional AddIns:

  • ZoneCue to calculate average temperatures at each oven zone of a conveyor-type tunnel oven.