ThermoBiscuit Profiling

Thermal Profiling Procedure using ThermoBiscuit

Required Materials:
  1. Measurement System
    • ThermoBiscuit™, ThermoSleeve and Strap
    • I-Probes™ or BreadScope™
    • GateWay™
    • DataLink™ Lab software with ZoneCue™ and BakingProfile™ Add-In modules.
  2. Multiple-strap baking pan with mold size of at least 3"x4"x7".
  3. Baking dough.
  4. Baking profile temperatures in Farenheit such as
    • Oven entry: ~150 degrees (slightly above proofing)
    • Yeast Kill: ~145 degrees
    • Starch coagulation: ~165 degrees
    • Enzyme kill: ~190 degrees
    • Final arrival: ~202 degrees
    • Oven exit: ~210 degrees
  5. Oven zone parameters such as
    • Number of oven zones: ~6 zones
    • Length of each oven zone: ~20 feet
    • Oven belt speed: 5.7 feet per minute
    • (= 120-foot long oven divided by bake time of 21 minutes)
ThermoBiscuit in Baking Pan
Procedure of Collecting Temperature Data:
  1. Set up ThermoBiscuit as a data logger
    • Install batteries in the ThermoBiscuit (do not replace ThermoBiscuit cover yet).
    • Connect I-Probes with ThermoBiscuit.
    • Start DataLink software on a laptop
    • Set up ThermoBiscuit as a data logger following the instructions in ThermoBiscuit Quick Start Guide. It is important to have one channel that records Oven Air
    • Copy down the keycode, required for data download. ThermoBiscuit is now collecting temperature data from I-Probes inside baking dough and Oven Air
    • Close the software DataLink.
    • Secure the ThermoBiscuit cover.
  2. Prepare hardware for placement in baking pan
    • Install the ThermoSleeve onto ThermoBiscuit.
    • Insert the I-probes into dough to measure the core temperature. Position one probe to measure the oven air temperature.
    I ProbeI Probe
  3. Install the ThermoBiscuit system in a baking pan
    • Take the ThermoBiscuit system and the baking pan to a location near the oven entrance.
    • Position the baking pan onto conveyor belt in front of oven entry. ThermoBiscuit is now traveling with baking pan toward the oven.
  4. Getting ready to download data
    • Wait for ThermoBiscuit to exit the oven. CAUTION- DEVICES ARE HOT! POSSIBLE BURN HAZARD!.
    • Remove baking pan with ThermoBiscuit from the production line.
    • Remove the ThermoBiscuit system from the baking pan and place on a suitable surface. Do not unplug probe connectors.
    • Remove ThermoSleeve and strap from ThermoBiscuit. ThermoBiscuit is now ready for download.
  5. Download temperature data
    • Place the ThermoBiscuit system next to the laptop.
    • Start the DataLink software and select [Retrieve data from modules]. Selecting other option could cause the data to be erased!
    • Follow instructions in ThermoBiscuit Quick Start Guide to download data.
    • Remember to save the Excel report and the JPEG data chart. Data report is now available for review.
    Review Data

Baking Analysis using Thermal Profiles:
  • Verify temperature at each zone. Does it meet the zone set point specification?
  • Does the baking curve look right?
  • 2main Review Profile

  • Is the baking time duration correct?
  • Do all target temperatures meet expectation?
2main Review Profile