Software Datalink

Integrated Data Acquisition & Display Environment

DataLink™ software creates an integrated data acquisition and display environment for Magna Systems' wireless measurement products. DataLink uses a convenient Windows® standard, wizard-driven format to simplify and accelerate your test setup.

DataLink periodically stores data during the test so you will not lose your results and when the test finishes, it generates a report in Excel® format for easy analysis. In addition, DataLink provides operational warnings for error conditions such as open thermocouples, low battery levels, etc.

  • Acquire and display data in both real-time and data logging modes
  • Wizard-based Test Set-Up
  • Automatic Test Scheduler
  • Acquires & Displays Data from Over 100 Thermocouples
  • Periodic Data Backup during Acquisition
  • Open / Disconnected Thermocouple Detection
  • Low Battery Detection / Battery Life Estimation
  • Capable of setting up a chart to display data from different channels of multiple modules

Additional AddIns:

  • ZoneCue to calculate average temperatures at each oven zone of a conveyor-type tunnel oven.
  • BakingProfile to calculate the baking parameters such as time percentage to reach yeast kill and core temperature, etc.