Thermocouple Positioning Fixture

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TC-Bridge™ is a device designed to reliably position thermocouple probes while measuring temperatures in band ovens and freezer lines. TC-Bridge is easy to use since the factory routed thermocouples remain in place in both stowed and deployed configurations; the thermocouples simply fold neatly away as the device is stowed.

TC-Bridge has a food safe, all stainless steel construction and is available with ceramic or high temperature plastic thermocouple connectors (installation & material charges apply).

  • Measure three locations of Belt Temperatures and five locations of Air Temperatures
  • Securely Positions 8 Thermocouples to Monitor Air and Band Temperatures
  • Light 1.5 lbs Design for Easy Handling
  • Designed for Low Clearance Lines
  • Quickly Adjusts to 39" and 60" Widths (Other Widths Available)
  • Folds into Compact 12"x8"x1.5" Volume for Storage & Travel
  • Thermocouple Probes Remain in Place & Manually Fold for Stowage
  • Attaches to ThermoBlade™
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