Software ZoneCue

Thermal Profile Analysis Software for Conveyorized Oven


ZoneCue™ software is an AddIn product of the software DataLink™. The user enters oven zone information such as number of zones, oven belt speed, individual zone length and oven entry temperature.

The software ZoneCue™ automatically detects the oven entry temperature in real time and indicates the zone borders in the real-time plots. The user can observe the dynamic oven temperature variation and compare the data against the oven zone boundaries and the oven temperature set point. The same zone information is provided in a data report, which is automatically generated at the end of the data report generation process. The data chart can be printed or saved as a JPEG image for further analysis and documentation.

  • Require one channel to be dedicated to collect oven air temperature
  • Wizard-based oven zone set-up
  • Automatic zone calculation based upon oven belt speed and zone distances
  • Provide zone borders in both real-time plots and report charts
  • Indicate individual zone set-point in the real-time plot
  • Automatic zone profile configuration archive for future usage

Additional AddIns:

  • BakingProfile to calculate the baking parameters such as time percentage to reach yeast kill and core temperature, etc.